The Hearing Protection Selector

Howard Leight’s Hearing Protector Selector is a quick, easy and interactive way to find hearing protection solutions that fit your requirements, your environment, and your people. Answer a few questions and the program will recommend a range of products. It’s as simple as that.

Try it out here: Hearing Protector Selector


Fix-A-Fit – A guide for selection, size and fit of earplugs

The Fix-A-Fit is a quick, easy and interactive way to find which size and shape of earplug can provide the best fit, and identifies causes of poor fit and solutions to achieve a better fit.

One of the major benefits of fit-testing earplugs with VeriPRO is identifying workers who have a poor fit. Fix-a Fit is the ideal tool to help you provide critical one-on-one training in proper fitting of the earplug.



Hearing Conservation Toolbox

One-Stop Information Resource for Workplace Hearing Safety for Use on Apple iPad®

The toolbox app features the latest information on the risks of occupational noise, hearing conservation program best practices, information articles and practical instruction on the testing, selection, fitting, and use of hearing protection. The app offers instant access to:

  • Educational videos on topics such as the auditory system, the personal effects of NIHL, and the importance of fit testing; 
  • Noise Thermometer” infographic that quickly communicates the impact of exposure to both on- and off-the-job sources of noise by mapping the sound levels to a thermometer illustration;
  • Interactive “Noise Wheel” explaining the factors, such as fit, protection, size, and comfort, to consider when choosing hearing protection products; 
  • Details of Honeywell’s VeriPRO earplug fit-testing system which enables safety managers to easily create an accurate, real-world picture of their employees’ hearing protection; 
  • And more!



HearForever™ is the Next Generation of Hearing Conservation.

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