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Unlike other workplace injuries, noise-induced hearing loss [NIHL] is not visibly evident. It is usually not traumatic or even noticed when it occurs. Rather, NIHL accumulates over time with repeated noise exposure, its effects realized long after the damage has been done. Worse, noise-induced hearing loss is permanent and irreversible. However, it is 100% preventable. The following Sound Source™ articles are written to educate you and your employees on how to prevent hearing loss at work and at home. If additional or more technical information is needed, our White Papers offer a deeper dive into some specific hearing conservation topics and challenges.


Sound Source™
No. 1-NA-US
Dual Protection
Sound Source™
No. 2-NA-US
Earmuffs and Safety Eyewear
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No. 3-NA-US
Earplug Fitting Tips
Sound Source™
No. 4-NA-US
Earplug Selection Tips
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No. 5-NA-US
A- and C- Weighted Noise Measurements
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No. 6-NA-US
Ototoxic Chemical Exposures
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No. 7-NA-US
Arc Flash Protection
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No. 8-NA-US
Radio Earmuffs & Noise Exposure
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No. 9-NA-US
Understanding Attenuation Rating Labels
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No. 11-NA-US
So, What’s the Story with Custom-Molded Earplugs?



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