Push-In Foam Earplugs

Reusable Ear Plugs last for weeks, reduce waste and save money. They can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Ideal for environments where workers can retain and store ear plugs for reuse.

Howard Leight’s reusable ear plugs offer uncompromising protection over multiple uses. The Howard Leight line of reusable ear plugs offer hearing protection users multiple options when it comes to color, comfort, and attenuation. Reusable protection is an affordable method in solving your hearing protection needs.

Howard Leight’s SmartFit®, Fusion®, Clarity®, AirSoft®, Quiet®, and Pilot™ ear plugs allow hearing protection users to find the right protection for every user and every environment. SmartFit® ear plugs use body heat to adapt to the shape of the ear; Fusion® ear plugs use a SoftFlange design to adjust perfectly for unmatched comfort; Clarity® ear plugs block hazardous noise while allowing voices through; AirSoft® ear plugs eliminate that “plugged up” feel with a new four-flange design; Quiet® ear plugs provide consistent attenuation with no rolling needed; and Pilot™ ear plugs provide superior comfort using a new hybrid push-in design.

TrustFit® Pod

Push-in foam earplugs

Howard Leight equipment should only be used in conujunction with the manufacturer's instructions. Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury including diminution or loss of hearing



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