Detectable Earplugs

Our comprehensive selection of Detectable Ear Plugs is designed for high visibility and detectability. Available in Single-Use Earplug and Multiple-Use Earplug options and specially created for environments where contamination by foreign objects is unacceptable.

Howard Leight metal detectable ear plugs are available in the multiple-use SmartFit® and Fusion® lines or in the single-use Laser Trak® line. Designed for food processing applications or other environments where contamination is unacceptable, they can be detected by visual or automated methods. These detectable safety ear plugs use a cord and metal stem ring or grommet for easy detection and compliance checks.

Process industry workers want their safety ear plugs to be comfortable, convenient, and functional. Howard Leight ear plugs deliver unmatched comfort and attenuation while making detection easy for compliance checks. Metal detectable ear plugs are manufactured using a bright blue color and metalized so they can easily be detected by visual or automated metal detection methods.

Laser Trak®

High attenuation in Single-Use Detectable

Howard Leight equipment should only be used in conujunction with the manufacturer's instructions. Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury including diminution or loss of hearing



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