Banded Earplugs

Howard Leight Banded Ear Plugs offer a variety of performance features, including a patented band design that prevents earpods from touching dirty or contaminated surfaces when set down. Great for managers or use in environments with intermittent sound hazards.

Banded ear plugs are cooler than earmuffs, more convenient than disposable ear plugs, and perfect for intermittent use. In situations where ear plugs have to be removed frequently they provide greater convenience. The Howard Leight QB1HYG® fits inside the ear canal (inner-aural); the QB2HYG® fits inside the opening of the ear canal (supra-aural); the QB3HYG® fits outside the opening of the ear canal (semi-aural); and the PerCap® fits outside of the ear canal opening (semi-aural) as well. The Howard Leight banded ear plug lineup provides a wide range of options for supervisors and other workers who are in and out of noisy areas and need easy access to hearing protection.


Inner-aural protection

Howard Leight equipment should only be used in conujunction with the manufacturer's instructions. Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury including diminution or loss of hearing



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